Framework Oversight Committee

The Coalition for Responsible Gene Editing in Agriculture has established a multi-stakeholder Framework Oversight Committee to guide implementation of the framework for the responsible use of gene editing in agriculture. The framework can provide assurance to the food system and other stakeholders that those using gene editing within the framework are doing so responsibly. Participation on the Framework Oversight Committee does not imply endorsement of the framework by the individuals or their respective organization.


Steve Brody, Senior Director, Global R&D External Affairs; Genus

Fan-Li Chou, Vice President, Scientific Affairs and Policy; American Seed Trade Association

Amy Davis, Director, Government Relations; Novozymes North America Inc.

Sarah Evanega, Director; Cornell Alliance for Science

David Fikes, Vice President of Consumer and Community Affairs and Communications; FMI – The Food Industry Association

Keira Havens, Manager, Sustainability & Public Affairs; Pivot Bio

Greg Jaffe, Director, Biotechnology Project; Center for Science in the Public Interest

Melinda Kleigman, Public Impact Director; Innovative Genomics Institute, University of California, Berkeley

Scott Kohne, Head of Market Acceptance, North America; BASF

Emma Kovak, Senior Food and Agriculture Analyst; The Breakthrough Institute

Wayne Parrot, Associate Professor, Plant Breeding Genetics & Genomics; University of Georgia

Mike Paustian, Paustian Enterprises, National Pork Board

Ian Puddephat, PepsiCo Senior Fellow; PepsiCo, Inc.

Andy Scott, Winecup Consulting; United Soybean Board

Nicholas Storer, Global Science Policy Leader; Corteva

Bhanu Telugu, Associate Professor, Division of Animal Science; University of Missouri

Andrew Utterback, Senior Manager, Sustainability; Ingredion

Roger Wyse, Founder and Managing Partner; Spruce Capital